“The 52% increase in medical school enrollment since 2002 is a promising response to the looming physician shortage we know is coming in the next decade. This growth has also revealed a need for additional academic faculty to teach these students. This current moment also calls for a more diverse faculty population who can help students provide optimal care to the diverse patients they will see in clinical practice. Our goal at Kansas Health Science Center is to promote the next generation of academic physicians that will serve the ever-changing needs of future patients.”

JOEL DICKERMAN, DO, Dean and Chief Academic Officer

Lead the Way

Become part of a community with the well-being of Kansas at its heart and the future of health care in mind. Kansas Health Science Center and its proposed Kansas College of Osteopathic Medicine is now hiring staff and faculty who will contribute to a diverse, inclusive, and supportive community, and who share the determination to support our future students to serve the health care needs of all.

Kansas Health Science Center is committed to:

  • Building a community that respects different experiences and perspectives.
  • Hiring diverse staff and faculty and educating a diverse student body to better meet the needs of all communities.
  • Educating and training physicians who can help address the physician shortage in the U.S. and bring high-quality, compassionate care to all.
  • Building deep relationships with community members and improve access to health care in the city, state, and beyond.

Our City, Our Home

Kansas Health Science Center is proud to call Wichita its home. As the largest city in the state of Kansas, Wichita is the economic, cultural and heath care hub of the region with a rich history of entrepreneurship and a spirit of innovation that inspires belief in the idea that anything is possible.

When you join us at KHSC, you’ll be immersed in the middle of Wichita’s revitalized downtown and surrounded by a diverse population made up of some of the nicest, most down-to-earth people you could ever meet.

Find out more about the unique opportunities and experiences you can find in Wichita.

Choose Wichita

Faculty Career Opportunities

The proposed Kansas Health Science Center—Kansas College of Osteopathic Medicine is looking for dedicated faculty members who want to have a part in training osteopathic physicians for the communities that need them. As a member of our faculty, you will join us in promoting health from a patient-centered perspective and providing equitable, compassionate care for all. For more information, feel free to contact Dean Joel Dickerman directly at [email protected] or (719) 499-0867.

Faculty Appointments

Staff Career Opportunities

As one of the first members of the Kansas Health Science Center community, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the organization’s culture while helping advance medical innovation in Kansas. Become a member of our diverse, innovative community and make an impact on the future of health care.

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